M Finnigan PPP Specialst

Martin Finnigan

I am Managing Director of Caledonian Economics and am among the most experienced advisers on Education and Healthcare PPPs in the world.

  • As the adviser to public sector counter-parties, I have a track record of 26 PPP transactions that have reached Financial Close, mainly in the Social Infrastructure sector. These include kindergartens, lower and upper schools, special educational needs facilities, pharmaceutical processing facilities and community health assets. Others are in procurement.
  • I have supported project development, feasibility studies and market analysis for at least 50 PPP schemes in the UK, Azerbaijan, Croatia, Kosovo, Uzbekistan, New Zealand, and Uruguay.
  • My successes include the restructuring of social infrastructure PPP projects during procurement or after Financial Close. These include ones where the senior lender defaulted, where major private contractors become insolvent, where the government interpretation of accounting rules changed, and where problems arose with demand risk transfer.
  • I have delivered strategic capacity-building and institutional development projects at national and sub-sovereign level including training seminars, development of PPP frameworks, standard documents and templates and PPP unit structuring.  This includes government, national agencies or policy makers in the Baltic states, Caucasus, Central Asia, China and South America.
  • I am a co-opted Director of the Tiree Community Development Company, a company owned and managed by the community of the remote Hebridean island of Tiree, and which promotes the sustainable, environmental, economic and social development of island and its community. The Trust is responsible for a range of community assets including Tiree Renewable Energy Ltd which operates the community wind turbine and Tiree Broadband, the community IT company.